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Swim Lessons

The Aqualand Difference

At Aqualand Swim Academy, we believe that learning to swim is a life skill
and extremely important for every child to have. Consistency is key to a young
swimmer’s development and is strongly encouraged. When you register for swim lessons, you are registering for a week of 20 minute lessons, Monday-Thursday. Our curriculum consists of shorter, more frequent lessons to help your child develop muscle memory and strength in the water. Our lessons are shorter in time to focus on the development of swimming skills while maximizing the attention of the child. Overall, your child will learn to swim at a much faster rate vs. the traditional swim lesson structure. We also offer SWIM PREP, our stroke development and swim team prep class!


Private Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons are available for all ages 6 months and up! AQUA lessons with Marifaith are 1-on-1 private lessons in my indoor heated pool (and outdoor pool during the summer!). This intimate atmosphere makes for a specialized learning environment with very few distractions. Private lessons guarantee a customized lesson that identifies what techniques will work best with your child’s learning skills. It is my goal to use strong foundational swimming skills mixed a unique approach that catches childrens’ attention and hopefully begin a life-long love for the water. Your child will not just learn how to survive in the water, but actually SWIM!

Semi-private Lessons

Although it is preferable to do a private lesson, there are times when siblings (twins and those who are very close in age) do well together. If you are scheduling a semi-private lesson for siblings, the youngest child must be age 4 or older for siblings to attend together. If you have a child younger than 4, they will need to be in private lessons first. For the best experience, siblings must be at or near the same swim ability and NO MORE than 2 years apart in age. This also applies to close friends that may want to take swim lessons together. Please contact Marifaith at if you have questions.

Private Lessons

Beginning and intermediate swimmers
$150/ week
  • Mon-Thurs
  • 1-on-1 w/Marifaith
  • 20 minute lessons

Semi-Private Lessons

For siblings/friends close in age/skill levels
$250/ week for both
  • Mon-Thurs
  • 2-on-1 w/Marifaith
  • 20 minute lessons

Swim Team Prep

Coming Summer 2024
$125/ week per child
  • Mon-Thurs
  • 3-1 small group lesson
  • 30 minute lessons
  • Specialized Stroke Development
  • 5+ years