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Happiness is Swimming SAFER!

Private, semi-private, & group swim lessons for families in the Northwest Illinois area.

Fun & Gentle

Confident & Happy

Safe & Effective


Certified Instructor

Ms. Marifaith has taught swim lessons for over 20 years. She has a unique and skilled background in the water. She’s a certified USA swim coach, certified Lifeguard, and highly experienced water professional with a huge passion for teaching children how to swim!


Private Lessons

Private lessons are tailored to each child so I can meet their specific needs and skill levels. Shorter, more frequent swim lessons help children develop the muscle memory for the swimming skills they learn. A fun, gentle approach to teaching survival skills creates a positive experience for all!

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Semi-private Lessons

Semi-privates and small group lessons are great options for siblings or friends who want to learn to swim together and have basic swimming skills. Children are placed with swimmers at the same level to have a fun and engaging swim lesson for all.

What Are Parents Saying?

We tried a couple swim instructors before Marifaith, but after our first lesson with her we knew she was the right fit for our kids! Our oldest was SO SCARED of the water but Marifaith has found a way to make it fun for him. He looks forward to his lessons and continues to become a little more comfortable in the water each session!
Molly C.
Swim Mom
Marifaith is the swim instructor that I looked for over 8 years. I thought I did all the right thingslike enroll my kids in local swim lessons before they were even a year old. But what I ended up with was wasted days and hundreds of dollars with few results. No one challenged my kids. No one gave them the tough love they needed to develop confidence, get out of their own head and navigate the water safely until we met Marifaith. My daughters quickly learned to love the water with their new skills and our son didn't have hours of wasted lessons.
Tara Y.
Swim Mom
Ms. Marifaith started doing swim lessons with our daughter at the age of 4. She is a fantastic instructor that quickly taught her the skills necessary to save her own life in the water. Our daughter looks forward to lessons every week and has developed a love for swimming because of Ms. Marifaith. We would highly recommend to anyone!
Jenna R..
Swim Mom